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After realizing she would never be happy working in the corporate world, Rékha Flow went back to her love of music and studied sound design at the Trebas institute in Montreal. While learning to DJ from Montreal’s Lektrique, she discovered she was a natural and quickly started playing parties, local bars and sporting events. Although she’s experimented with multiple electronic genres, her faves include electro, house and pop.  Now she spends many nights awake creating her own sounds and writing lyrics that will eventually form her debut album. In the meantime, she’s moved back to her hometown of Toronto and says she has no regrets leaving the corporate world. She’s finally found the passion she was dreaming of from her desk job.

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Why Rékha? 


Although my real name is Stephanie, I have chosen to use my middle name as my artist and stage name.  I like it because it has a hint of my Indian side that most strangers don't know about right away.  My dad was born in India and came to Canada with his family at age 11.  My mom is Canadian and was born in Montreal, QC. Somehow the accent aigu in Rékha reminds me of my family's connection with Montreal (both of my parents grew up there before eventually settling just north of Toronto).

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